The Adventures of Bud Dry

Why ask why? Try Bud Dry.

It's like a virtual beer of the month club - if there were fewer months in the year. Bud Dry.
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bud dry episode 1   bud dry episode 2
Bud Dry Episode I: Bud almost gets a date.   Bud Dry Episode II: Bud gets a hooker.
bud dry episode 3   bud dry episode 4
Bud Dry Episode III:
Bud gets trashed.
  Bud Dry Episode IV:
Bud gets (another) hooker.
bud dry episode 5   agent bud dry
Bud Dry Episode V:
Bud takes a vacation.
  Agent Bud Dry: Comic noire espionage.
bud dry bocce ball   This cell intentionally left blank.