The Adventures of Bud Dry

Bud Dry FAQ

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When was Episode I shot?
August 2005. went live about one year later. Yeah, we were lazy.

When was Episode II shot?
We finished the script for the second Bud Dry installment in November 2006 and shot it in February 2007. It went web-live days later.

Who drew/wrote the Agent Bud Dry comics?
Jacques Crabbe, naturally.

When was Episode III shot?
Photography and script were done in July 2007. It went live in January 2008.

When was Episode IV shot?
We shot Bud Dry IV in Las Vegas in May 2009. It went live in July 2009.

What about Bud Dry Episode V?
Shot in February 2010 in the Caribbean country of St. Kitts and Nevis and released (amazingly) less than a month later, this is the first Bud Dry without a female part. But then again, we loved Lawrence of Arabia too.

Is Bud Dry Episode VI almost done?!
After a five year hiatus, on July 4th, 2015 we ate a metric $h!t ton of peyote and "filmed" episode 6. Naturally, we forgot to script it first. "We'll fix it in post!" was a common refrain that day/night. We'll spend a few hours putting something fun together, but probably not until winter 2023.

Any news about Bud Dry Episode VII?
We've started on the script. (The theme is "boobs.") And we'll probably start shooting it in summer 2018. We're also simultaneously working on Episode VIII (also "boobs") and more Bud Dry comics.

What's this I heard about a secret Bud Dry episode?!
It's true. Even though Facebook sucks, we've released a terrible Bud Dry episode for Facebook fans only. It's the least we can do for people suffering Facebook's terrible anti-privacy practices. Become a fan and share the glory. ...But seriously, it's really gross and not good--unless you've an especially twisted 'sense of humor'.

Why ask why? Try Bud Dry. What a silly name for a beer. Um, it's “dry”?! Whatever. It's an easy product name to parody. There's a guy named Bud who happens to have dry wit. And another guy named Bud who is a super secret agent with a sexy pal who keeps saying "dry" to him. Near-Reasonably clever.

What's next?!?
Expect more plays on the bud dry name. We have a comic strip about an impotent fungus in the works... you know, an asexual spore? Get it? Bud Dry? Ugh... And we've also got a marijuana curing device called... you guessed it, Bud Dry, in the queue. (“You can dry your weed in it!”) We'll also have more unsavory barroom/hotel adventures with Bud and his dry wit. And probably some more cleavage too. Guys like soaked breasts after all.

Do they still make Bud Dry?
No. Sadly, they stopped producing it in 2010. But not before we got some. Look for it in Bud Dry Episode II.
"Bud Dry is brewed with balanced hop character offering full flavor but a very clean, less-sweet finish."
RIP Bud Dry. Long live Bud Dry.

Is Bud Dry a good beer?
Perfect by the pool or in the hot tub. We like it. It's crisp and light. Very little aftertaste.

Won't you get sued by Budweiser?
We used to worry about this a little, but not since Bud Dry went belly up. Regardless, we know our rights under intellectual property laws and our mighty legal advisors assure us our parody is protected as long as we're willing to pay them to fight. Worst case scenario, Budweiser would make us an offer we couldn't refuse for the domain and we'd reluctantly move the content elsewhere. But if Anheuser-Busch is smart, they'll partner with us.

Who are those hot chycks with the cleavage/legs/etc.? (most frequent question)
They want to remain partially anonymous... likely to avoid the sort of person who'd ask this question.

I want to write/draw/act/pose/etc. for you. Can I?
Maybe. Send us an email with your credentials.

Do you make any money from this?
Not enough to cover our expenses. And we're wearing rose tinted shades even though our financial future ain't so bright. Lifetime Google ad revenue of $29.33 through 5/2009 almost covers the production (beer) expenses for Episode I.

Why do it then if it costs you?
It's fun!

How do I advertise on
Email us (below) for details, or just do it through Google. It *might* be nice to worry about making a profit some day.